Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the June tour!

Fancy Meeting You Here once again visits the only comedy club in the world with a Van Gogh AND a gift shop!

Thrill to guided tours by:

Sean Crespo (Drink at Work)
Giulia Rozzi (Mortified/Stripped Stories)
Matt McCarthy (Host of "Action Pack" on AMC, new CD "Come Clean," "The Cable Guy" in the Verizon commercials)

With additional tours by hosts Dave Hill and Carl Arnheiter

The group meets inside the museum lobby at 7. We enter the museum under a group rate. The fee is $16. Rates for students and Sr. Citizens are slightly lower - kids, bring a shut in along!

The Met, 5th Ave and 82nd Street.

Email fmyhcomedy AT gmail.com for more info

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