Monday, February 7, 2011

Fancy Meeting You Here, London edition

Hello London!

Thanks for your interest in “Fancy Meeting You Here.” We’re sure you’ve got questions that start with “What….,” “Where…,” or “When…?” Hopefully this will answer them.

First the “What…”
Fresh from an 18-month run at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Fancy Meeting You Here is a roving comedy show that takes audiences on a tour of cultural landmarks. No painting is too abstract, no modern art too modern, no study of the human form overlooked. Led and curated by Carl Arnheiter and Dave Hill.

For these tours we’re excited to be joined by comedians Tom Meeten and Tara Flynn.

Now the “When…” and “Where…”

Friday 11 Feb - National Gallery, tour starts at 7 pm
Meet inside at the Sainsbury Wing Entrance, please arrive around 6:45 or so.

Saturday 12 Feb - The British Museum, tour starts at 3 pm
Meet at the Great Russell Street Entrance at 2:45.

Both tours are free.

Though the museums are allowing us to lead these tours, they don’t know any of the specifics as to where to meet, the time, etc…, so please don’t inquire with their information desks. They know a lot, just nothing about tour specifics.

If you do plan to attend – and we hope you will – please email us with the number in your group. There are limits to how many can join us, so drop us a line in advance at fmyhcomedy AT If you’ve got any questions, drop us a line there as well.

That's a photo of us above. It'll prove useful in finding us before the tour.

Lastly, here's just a little on us individually:

Dave Hill is a comedian, writer, musician, and actor living in New York City in an apartment he pays for with his own money. Dave has starred in his own television show The King of Miami, which was cancelled. He has also appeared on HBO, Comedy Central, Cinemax, MTV, VH1, and some other channels. In 2007, Variety Magazine named Dave one of their "10 Comics to Watch," something he won't shut up about. Dave has written for The New York Times, Salon, and HuffPo and is also a contributor to NPR's This American Life. He has a rock band called Valley Lodge. Dave has banged a lot of chicks.

Carl Arnheiter, writer, comedian, resident of New York City. He stands an extraordinary 2' 45" tall.

Arnheiter created and hosts Inside Joke, a comedy show in the form of a conversation, at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. It's a cross between Charlie Rose and This Old House, minus the power tools and interruptions.